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California State University, San Bernardino is proud to announce its new Master of Science degree in National Cyber Security Studies, which began Fall 2015. The master’s degree will prepare students for careers in the new and growing field of cyber security. Courses focus on providing students with the analytical and technical skills necessary to detect, prevent, counter, and recover from security vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. It will also enhance students’ abilities to think critically, present clearly, and write well. Students enrolled in the M.S. degree are required to complete core coursework in both cyber security and national security studies. Courses may include:

cyber defense

computer forensics

information systems planning

strategy and policy

cyber security and cyber warfare

research methods

techniques in intelligence analysis

understanding intelligence failure

theory and history of strategy

The program integrates cyber security techniques with intelligence methodologies. These skills are reinforced through numerous hands-on exercises allowing students to develop their abilities in realistic scenarios and prepare for professional certifications such as CEH, SSCP, Network +, Security +, and CISSP. Students will benefit from cyber and intelligence simulations, interactions with intelligence professionals, and challenging course curriculum. The continually evolving curriculum prepares students for lasting careers in this critical field.

Past Event(s) at CSUSB:

10/15/15 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Intelligence Simulation

10/20/15 Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) Information Session

11/11/15 Defense Intelligence Agency visit

11/12/15 Cyber Demonstration

Upcoming Event(s):

4/15/16 Colloquium on Intelligence

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