California State University, Long Beach

IC Scholars Advisor:
Unna Lassiter, Ph.D.
Department of Geography
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

Program Information:

The Program fulfills General Education requirements, completes a Minor in Geography, and provides students with optional priority status in applying for positions within the IC. Participants are also eligible for paid summer internships with the CIA, NSA, NGA, and other intelligence agencies, and are given priority status in applying for summer travel abroad, cultural immersion travel grants. Completing the course of study does not obligate the student to apply for, or accept, employment with the U.S. Intelligence Community. Students majoring in Geography can complete the course of study by fulfilling the core competency requirements and including the geography minor courses as part of their major course of study.
Minimum GPA: 3.2

Two of the Following Core Courses:

ENGL 300: Advanced Composition
COMM 335: Persuasive Speaking
POSC 371: Introduction to International Politics

Complete the Geography Minor – 18 units:

GEOG 140: Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 380: Map Interpretation and Analysis
Choose One:
GEOG 100: World Regional Geography*
GEOG 120: Geography of Human Diversity in the U.S.*
GEOG 160: Introduction to Human Geography*

Nine additional units from the following categories. You must take at least one class from each group.
GEOG 308I: Africa South of the Sahara*
GEOG 309I: The Middle East and North Africa*
GEOG 313I: Southeast Asia*
GEOG 314I: South Asia*
GEOG 315I: East Asia*
GEOG 319I: International Development*
GEOG 355I: International Environmental Issues*
*Can be used to meet General Education requirements while also counting towards the Minor.
Methods and Techniques:
GEOG 400: Geographical Analysis
GEOG 402: Qualitative Geographic Analysis
GEOG 473: Remote Sensing
GEOG 474: Intro to Digital Image Processing
GEOG 485: Principles of GIScience
GEOG 487a: Applications of GIS: Environment and Natural Resources
GEOG 487b: Applications of GIS: Urban and Economic
GEOG 488: Advanced Concepts in Geographic Information Systems