Personal Statement

  • Personal Statement (No more than one page)

    • The first sentence: bottom line up front (BLUF). Why, in one sentence, should the agency hire you?

    • The rest of the first paragraph should contain the things you can immediately bring to help the agency. If you have a security clearance polygraph, foreign language, or special skill, introduce it here.

      • Do not spend much time in the first paragraph talking about what you think, spend your time talking about what you can do and bring to the Agency.

    • In the second paragraph, focus on specific examples or events that highlight your skills and experiences. Explain those examples. Be as concrete and specific as possible! Add details and information about your skills, school projects, language abilities, etc. here. Do not simply list things; explain how your skills or experiences tie to the agency’s mission or the job description.

    • In the third paragraph, describe yourself as a person. What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies? Are you involved with philanthropies, sports, or clubs? Show that you do things aside from school and work. What else do you do? Who are you?

    • In the fourth paragraph, conclude, wrap-up and make the final pitch for why you make a good fit for the job and agency.

    • Use all the “Writing for Intelligence” lessons you can. Write concisely, clearly, specifically, and concretely. Use active voice and get right to the point. Do not overuse adverbs and adjectives.